Rethink Your Sole Mate. Women Judge Men by their Shoes

Need to rethink your sole, mate? Women judge us by our shoes


Regular Mensfash readers will be fully aware of our views on certain shoe styles, but while we feel strongly about what we should and shouldn’t be walking around in, we’d not really

Luckily for us, our eyes were opened by a new guide. considered what our shoe styles were saying to people – particularly to women.


‘Judge a Man by His Shoes’ was created by high street fashion retailer Debenhams, and we found it very interesting indeed. We’d even go as far as to say it’s been somewhat of a revelation to see it all laid out for us – there are insights into how naïve certain footwear choices are, given how women often use them to interpret our personalities.


Think you’re happy to keep choosing your shoes by colour and a vague sense of what’s on trend this season? You might need to think again – those dependable brogues some of us own, or the cool boat shoes we all wish we could pull off – they all may reveal our secrets without us knowing. If you want to find out what women are seeing in us through our footwear choices, perhaps it’s time you checked exactly how you’d fare if you were judged by your shoes…

The piece can be seen on their blog.