gola summit high top sneakers

Gola Summit High Top Sneakers

These Gola Summit high top sneakers are radical. Not much to describe here other than a kickass all around sneaker with a retro look and feel that needs to be in your closet. Gola an iconic British brand makes some wicked men's sneakers. Best of all these babies are available now at Gilt for $39. Ya that's a steal!
gola spirit trainer sneaker

Gola Spirit Men’s Trainer Sneaker

Keeping up with our throwback retro sneaker kick this week check out these Gola Spirit Trainer Sneakers. Based on the original 1970's jogger design these Gola sneakers come in numerous different colors perfect for different and unique men's styles. Available at Gola USA for $80 with free shipping and many other places online such as Zappos, etc just search Google.
gola firefly retro trainer

Gola Firefly Retro Trainer

Check out this classic Gola Firefly retro trainers. Based on the Gola jogger from the 1970s these sneakers feature a nylon upper with suede and leather on a waffled sole. Gola is an iconic British brand thats both super affordable and stylish! The Gola Firefly is available in 5 or 6 different colors and could potentially spice up your sex life!