Ties all men should own

Ties Every Man Should Own (Have in your closet!)

The staff at Business Insider was recently spamming The Tie Bar across the world wide web with a men's fashion article, 7 ties every man should own. For the most part they hit the mark. We have always enjoyed Tie Bar's low prices and HUGE selection. So what the hell. Check out the ties below that every man should own, meaning in your closet NOW for you fashion inept man children out there. Visit The Tie Bar

Men’s Floral Ties

I am digging floral prints how about you guys? Well maybe your wives and girlfriends more but something about dapper men wearing flowers is rad. Check out these awesome men's floral ties. From the tie bar and all priced at $15 you can't go wrong. It's time to get your floral on guys! You're going to like these ties.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

A true dapper gentlemen knows exactly how to tie a bow tie and can do it with his eyes closed! I'll admit learning to tie a good looking bow tie is a pain in the ass but once you master it you're set! Use the illustration below to learn how to tie a bow tie. There are also tons of quality You Tube videos if you need an extra boost. If you're in the market find awesome bow ties at The Tie Bar all priced at $15 bucks flat!

Fabulous Men’s Socks

Socks are the most important part of your outfit! Problem is all too often stylish, quality men's socks are a rip off. Who with a brain would pay $25-$40 for a pair of socks? Thanks to our friends at the tie bar this is no longer the case. They have a massive selection of men's socks in damn near all colors and patterns you can imagine. And...they are priced at $8 a pair! Need I say more? Check them out!

Floral Print Men’s Ties

Hey guys hope you had a great weekend! I didn't log into Mensfash until Thursday so you can guess how mine went... Check out these fabulous floral print men's ties! Straight from the tie bar the most affordable place for guys to buy stylish and quality neckties. I just love the floral print ties just released that are available in tons of color combos, bow ties and pocket squares. Check'em out!
the tie bar stars and stripes

Stars & Stripes Ties and Bow Ties

The Tie Bar is far and away the best place for men to buy quality, affordable and unique ties and bow ties. Keeping with our Fourth of July theme today show off your American Pride with these Patriotic colors and patterns. Find amazing ties and bow ties to rock the stars and stripes to all your July 4th parties! Two weeks from today, get ready!

The Mainstays. Versatile Men’s Ties

Here is a fabulous infographic from THE TIE BAR titled "The Mainstays". It discusses 5 versatile go-to men's ties that can accommodate a wide variety of outfits, situations and styles. I just love information like this as it allows me to buy 5 ties and pair them with 100s of outfits. It also provides commentary on what to wear and match with each specific tie, fabric, etc. Thanks Tie Bar!
how to wear a wool tie

How to Wear a Wool Tie

The Tie Bar is an online mega store for men's ties. Here is a little page they put together on "How to Wear a Wool Tie". It's a nice informative article on the do's and don'ts for wearing wool ties from choosing colors and patterns to contrasting fabrics. Cheers!
mens ties for light blue shirt the tie bar

Three Men’s Ties for Light Blue Shirt

Mensfash has mentioned the tie bar a few times in the past. They're an awesome men's tie and bow tie shop with thousands of different styles, patterns and fabrics all priced around $15 or lower. In this infographic from the tie bar they suggest three men's ties to pair with light blue dress shirts. A modern, classic and trendy look. We personally like the modern suggestion. What about you?
unique tie bars at the tie bar

Tie Bars at the tie bar

Affordable unique tie bars are the perfect gift for men that have everything. Now thanks to the tie bar you choose between 100s of tie bars all priced at $15. According to the staff at Mensfash there's absolutely no reason any man should spend more than $15 on a tie bar, it you do you're a phony. Happy Holidays