dapper don draper

Dapper Don Drapper

Love love love dapper Don Draper. The show Mad Men was fabulous. Pure timeless style, tailored black and navy suits. Shined oxfords. Slick ties, cocktails and living the good life. Guys...be a man. Be (and dress) like Don Draper.
mens fashion spring summer outfits

Fabulous + Colorful Summer Outfit for Dapper Men

Here is a fabulous and colorful summer outfit from dapper men :) Talk about colors, patterns, fabrics and contrast. It's all their! The lightweight linen blazer is amazing. Love the gingham shirt too. Ladies, interested in upping your man's style game? Check out our weekly email list!

Men’s Suit Accessories from Ainsley & Troupe

Y'all know we love Touch of Modern, a technology and men's style flash sale startup. They offer tons cool electronics, tech, men's clothing and accessories like these lapel pins and tie bars from Ainsley & Troupe. Everything is priced about $10 and look damn good. Really digging the brushed brass dear head lapel pin. Check'em out...they have tons of other cool stuff too. Wine glasses, bourbon rocks, decanters...I could go on for days.

Top 10 Boots to Wear with a Suit

As I’m sure most of you know by now, wearing boots with a suit has not only become acceptable practice but a move favoured by those in the sartorial know. It’s a great way to add a little something extra to your look and break up the monotony that is often associated with wearing a suit. While this may seem like a bold move for a lot of men out there I can assure it isn’t. When your pants fall over the tops of your boot they often end up looking like a heavier dress shoe, something like a brogue to the uninitiated. There are many different styles of boots out there, and I could probably go 10 deep on different boots to wear with a suit. I think it’s a much more beneficial exercise to look at three categories of boots and break down how to wear the different styles among those categories. As much as I like a heavy winter boot it’s probably not something you’re ever going to throw on with your favourite suit so it seems like a waste of everyone’s time to discuss it. Read more...

Samuel L. Jackson lookin dapper!!!

Look how amazing and dapper Mr Samuel L. Jackson looks in this fabulous photo!!! His suit is top notch and just dig his knit tie. Great looking fabrics and texture all around. Bravo Mr Jackson and thanks a million for Pulp Fiction! Great eyeglasses too sir.

Quality + Affordable Menswear. Finally!

I've discussed Combatant Gentlemen in the past and I in fact own one of their men's suits. I love it and it was only $210. I recently stumbled upon a great article from Business Insider covering the history of the menswear company and it's founder. Great read and you'll quickly realize their suits, shirts and other menswear is quality stuff from a vertically integrated men's fashion start up! Not to mention their founder is a 3rd generation Versace tailor!

Match Shoes with the Suit

I openly admit I have always had trouble matching the correct shoes with suits. Numerous occasions I've had people men and women look at me funny at a shoe suit combination I thought looked fine. Here is a handy visual guide to help all you guys and myself with matching the correct pair of men's dress shoes, type, color, style and so forth with a suit. Hell I may print it out and pin it to the wall.

Combatant Gentlemen Suit Sale

Combatant Gentlemen is well known for it's super affordable men's suits. They have been praised by men's fashion powerhouse GQ and mentioned across countless news outlets and online blogs. Combatant Gentlemen is currently running a massive sale on their men's suits. For around $160 you can grab yourself or a man in your life a great looking, quality suit at an unbeatable price! Visit them now to learn more!

New Men’s Suits from Bonobos

Every dapper man needs a few tailored suits that fit correctly and make you look and FEEL like a million bucks. If you're in the market we highly suggest checking out the incredible and affordable men's suits from Bonobos! They are high quality and look great. Bonobos suit line is now massive with amazing color, fabric and style options. Click the link above to check their suits out!
navy power suit green tie

Navy Power Suit Green Flash

Came across this great look this morning guys. A sharp navy power suit with green tie and pocket square. I could go without the lapel pin AND the cheesy gold watch but oh well the guy looks great! Tailored tight and looking dapper and can only imagine what type of men's shoes he is wearing???
Topman Men's Suit

$200 Topman Men’s Suit

Every dapper man needs a great suit or a couple of them but they can be expensive. But now thanks to Topman you can grab a decent men's suit for $200. Yes you read right that's 200 dollar bills for a Topman suit. A flopped a photo of their charcoal skinny suit below but there are other options too! Check out their website for more information on what's available!
How to Look Dapper in the Modern Age

How to Dress Dapper in the Modern Age

Guys here is another fabulous and comprehensive men's fashion guide on how to dress dapper in the modern age. It's a men's suit guide covering fabrics, patterns, ties, pocket squares and shoes. This complete guide explains how to pair them all, wear them correctly and look dapper! Can you say MAN MEN!
how should a men's suit fit?

How Should a Men’s Suit Fit?

Check out this amazing illustration that shows exactly how a men's suit should fit. As the trends move towards slimmer fitting men's clothes it's important your suit fits just right! Not too long, too tight, too loose but just right! This men's suit fit guide should help you out!
classic mens oxfords with suit

Gorgeous Oxfords with Men’s Suit. Classic

Here is a quick photo I wanted to share with you guys. A dapper man wearing gorgeous oxfords with a men's suit. Notice how everything just looks perfect. Thanks to proper tailoring the pants length is perfect showing just the right break. The look below is exactly what you're looking for when you want to look good wearing a suit!
New Bonobos Men's Clothing for 2014

New Bonobos Men’s Clothing 2014

Bonobos just sent out an email showcasing their new men's clothing for 2014. The New Year brings a lot of new fabulous bright dress shirts in colors that pop and great plaid and gingham patterns. Bonobos didn't stop there, new colors for their famous washed chinos are here. New premium denim jeans, sweaters, suits, blazers, shorts and more. Have a great day everyone and enjoy checking out the new men's clothing from Bonobos!

Bonobos $25 OFF COUPON

The Perfect Modern Men’s Suit

Mensfash has posted only a handful of men's suits since most men don't wear them anymore. But the reality is every man needs a tailored men's suit that fits like a glove. Check out this handy infographic on The Perfect Suit for the Modern Man!
brighten your wardrobe with bonobos

Brighten Up with Bonobos

Bonobos has taken simple, stylish and affordable men's clothing, fashion and menswear to a new level. Gone are the days of shopping in depressing department stores filled with fashion deprived, commission hungry sales morons. Now thanks to Bonobos men can browse without pressure at hassle-free Guide Shops. The Bonobos experience is truly one of a kind. 365 days a year they offer FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS, hassle free returns and oh ya Bonobos Ninjas, a support staff prepared execute! Ok enough of the platitudes. Winter is over and spring is here! Its time to brighten up your wardrobe with Bonobos. They have tons of men's pants, jeans, shirts, sweaters, suits and more all in fabulous colors that will make you stand out. Don't be a sheep guys, separate from flock Bonobos style!
New Bonobos Men's Clothes

New March Arrivals from Bonobos

Bonobos has just released 50 new men's clothing items for March 2013. A wide assortment of colorful chinos, premium denim jeans, shirts, shorts, sweaters and more Bonobos is on top of it this time. Our favorite are the Yellow Dandy Lions Chinos and the numerous Gingham Sport Shirts. New Bonobos Men's Clothes
bonobos mens lightweight cotton summer suits

Bonobos Men’s Lightweight Cotton Summer Suits

Bonobos men's lightweight cotton summer suits are spectacular! Perfect for spring getaways and hot July summer weddings these stylish lightweight cotton men's suits are cut just right and will keep you cool. They come in a variety of colors in seersucker and twill fabrics. Every guy needs the perfect summer suit, ranging from $408-$425 one (or two) of these Bonobos men's summer suits needs to be in your closet. Browse more mensfash men's suits now.