Apple MacBook laptop

Is a Apple MacBook Pro laptop worth the price?

Apple MacBook Pro laptops are known for their high build quality, sleek design, and reliable performance. They often come with powerful hardware configurations, including fast processors, tons of RAM, and high-quality displays. The macOS operating system is optimized to work seamlessly with Apple's hardware (iPhones, iPads, iWatch), providing a smooth and user-friendly experience. Read more...
Tushy bidet

Guys, You seriously need to buy a Tushy Bidet today!

You might be asking what a Tushy bidet is? I'll get to that, but first please understand this post falls under the Men's Grooming and Hygiene category. Because if your butt ain't clean...ain't NOTHING clean ;) A Tushy bidet is a device that attaches to your current toilet and washes your butt with fresh, clean water after you poop. That's it, and it's amazing! The days of cleaning your butt with dry toilet paper are over. You absolutely cannot get 100% clean with toilet paper alone but you can with a bidet! And you want a clean butt right? The Tushy starts at $69 and comes in a variety of colors that will look fabulous on any toilet. Plus the Tushy is super easy to install. Click here to receive $10 off a Tushy bidet and to learn tons more at Read more...

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Trakdot is a small tracking device that can be used to track and locate luggage, backpacks, golf bags or anything else you can place it in. Never lose your luggage again! Trakdot operates by scanning nearby cellular phone networks to determine its location and report back. You can receive alerts about where your Trakdot is via email or text. It also goes to sleep automatically when you fly. Trakdot is currently on sale at Touch of Modern for $70 and includes a lifetime tracking subscription. This is a great deal!
badass motorcycle BMW

Badass Motorcycle

Mensfash clearly isn't a motorcycle blog but when I saw this baby I immediately thought of men's fashion. And man riding this badass motorcycle must have incredible style. It looks like it's custom with a BMW engine but I have no clue since I'm not a motorhead. If I ever buy a motorcycle I want it to look like this!
rebel waterproof speaker

Rebel Waterproof Speakers

Rebel Waterproof Speakers are INCREDIBLE!!! This tiny powerful bluetooth connects wirelessly to with your smartphone and has a nifty suction cup on the bottom so it can be attached almost anywhere! The Rebel speaker was born out of a successful IndieGoGo campaign and is now for sale. I personally ordered one and can't wait to start jamming in the shower! The Rebel Waterproof Speaker is currently available for $22 at Touch of Modern. Great affordable gift idea!