Zuriick Nico Boots

Zuriick Nico Boots

Frequent readers of Mensfash will know I'm extremely fond of Zuriick Shoes. A small outfit from Salt Lake City they make unique and stylish men's shoes that are affordable. Every time I wear a pair of Zuriick's I receive numerous compliments and these Zuriick Nico Boots will generate the same! A stylish black olive men's leather boot with leather sole and rubber heel these babies will keep you walking.
men's zuriick damien boots

Zuriick Damien Boots

Mensfash has featured men's shoes from Zuriick many times as we just love most of their unique affordable footwear straight outta Utah. These Damien Boots from Zuriick are no exception. A subtle canvas men's boot with leather sole and rubber heel but with colors that pop. The Damien boot below is a navy blue upper with a light blue cap toe. Oh and 6 light blue contrast metal eyelets. These shoes really pop! Zuriick.com
mens zuriick simon ankle boot

Zuriick Simon Ankle Boot

Mensfash loves Zuriick footwear, they're affordable, simple and stylish. These killer Zuriick Simon ankle boots are awesome. A lush brown leather with blue accent laces and stacked leather sole these babies will work great with jeans for a relaxing, shit kicking night on the town. Ya short post but rad men's boots! Check Zuriick out today!
zuriick mathew high top sneakers

Zuriick Mathews High Top Sneaker

We love Zuriick Shoes here at Mensfash and best of all their men's footwear is stylish and affordable. This Mathews Canvas High Top Sneakers kick ass! Built with a sturdy canvas frame and suede toe and heel accents these men's sneakers are wicked simple and even wicked priced.
zuriick henry lace up boot

Zuriick Henry Lace-Up Boot

These Zuriick Henry Lace-Up Boots are amazing and currently on sale for $113 you can't go wrong! A brown mud color with a full leather upper, 1" heel, leather sole and rubber Vibram outsole these Zuriick boots are perfect to pair with premium denim jeans or hell even a suit. A stylish round cap toe finishes these shit kickers off. We're thinking you should buy a pair!
zuriick shug mid noir mens shoes

Zuriick Shug Mid Noir

Finding unique, stylish and affordable men's shoes has always been a mission of mine hence these Zuriick Shug Mid Noir kicks instantly drew my attention. From independent startup Utah shoe company Zuriick these casual men's leather shoes will look great with jeans, slacks, corduroys or your kilt. The Shug Mid Noir also come with a firm leather sole with mensfash loves!
zuriick shug low canteen dress shoe

Zuriick Shug Low Canteen

Zuriick is a small Salt Lake City based boutique shoe company that produces simple, stylish shoes at affordable prices. These minimalist Zuriich Shug Low Canteen dress shoes are perfect for a simple man looking for a great dress shoe with a touch of Zuriick flair. Learn more about Zuriick
kickass mens socks from zuriick

Kickass Men’s Socks from Zuriick

While doing the post on Zuriick shoes I came across their kickass men's socks. At $9 a pair they are pretty pricey but they will spice up your feet with cool socks bright colors poka-dots, stripes and the whole circus. View all Zuriick socks here...