rag and bone Herringbone Baseball Cap

Rag & Bone Herringbone Baseball Cap

Quick little Saturday morning men's fashion post here. Check out this Rag & Bone Herringbone Baseball Cap. Price is a little steep at $125 but it's very cool. The cap is fitted with a short, fashionable brim. I found it at Nordstrom but a quick Google search reveals you can buy it just about anywhere. The soft herringbone fabric is world class!
rag & bone rowan boot Made in USA

Rag & Bone Rowan Boot, Made in USA

Inspired by American work boots these Rag & Bone Rowan Boots are not only stylish but they're Made in America! Created with cow leather and a Goodyear rubber sole this babies will set you back $370 but its a small price to pay to help create and save American jobs. Mensfash prides itself on finding quality stylish American made men's clothing, shoes, etc when possible and these Rowan Boots are no exception! Rag & Bone