Soxy men's avocado socks

Soxy Avocado Socks

Guys check out these fun avocado men's socks from Soxy :) Who doesn't need these? All you hipster clowns eat avocado toast every morning for breakfast, so why not represent. If you are looking for wild, crazy, fun and cool socks check out Soxy today. They have 1000s of pairs, and you can even join their sock club. Who knew that even existed? You know you want a pair. Juice up your style now with these fun avocado socks. Ripe ;) UPDATE: Did you know Soxy has over 1 MILLION people in their socks club? If you want fun socks sent straight to your doorstep tap the link above!

Loving these AMAZING Men’s Socks from Soxy

We just can't get enough of these fabulous and unique men's socks from Soxy. They're made for men who want to stand out...not fit in. Check out the photos below. We love the puzzle and key socks :) How about you? Guys if you're still wearing crusty white gym socks, you're a loser. Throw them away. Visit Soxy on Instagram and stock up on cool. Up your sock game. Cheers y'all and have a fabulous booze filled weekend.

Get Funky + Dapper with Soxy Men’s Socks

Elevating your sock game is the absolute best way for guys to add dapper power to their wardrobe and outfits. Hell remember its a proven fact that people who wear crazy socks are smarter... When looking for the most unique + stylish men's socks I always visit SOXY. Check out their Instagram for amazing socks in 1000s of colors, patterns and prints. You will not be disappointed. Soxy striped men's socks with brown longwing brogue dress shoes. I love the yellow polka dot socks but none of the shoes...

Be Different, Be Bold.

It's a proven fact that men and women who wear wacky, bold and different socks are smarter!!! Is that you? If so check out Soxy now! They have the most amazing collection of wacky socks in the land. Wild colors, explosive patterns, shapes and more. The powers that be want you to conform...don't do it. Be different, be bold, be Tom. Need some motivation? The Soxy Instagram account is there for you. Have a great Fourth of July weekend y'all.

Guys, Do you wear wacky socks?

Its Friday y'all lets get crazy!!! Did you know that there's evidence showing that people who wear wacky socks are smarter, more creative and revolutionary than others? True story! This wacky socks article from Quartz will get you started. Still skeptical? Even the NEW YORK TIMES featured an article about wacky socks in Silicon Valley. Truth is socks probably will not make you smarter...but if you're already smart you're probably already wearing wacky cocks. Some are just luckier than others. Well now you need wacky socks, you'll find a great selection at

Guys, Is your sock game strong?

Holy shit the Super Bowl is almost here! On Sunday Peyton will take on Cam in one of the most anticipated Super Bowl games of all time. So its only fitting that I ask, is your sock game strong? Nothing will make your outfit pop more than kickass socks. Trust me...I was a loser wearing old white gym socks daily too. Once I made the change I was a new man. Had some bounce in my step and chicks complimented my socks all the time. Yes this could be you...Go Broncos! Oh...the life changing men's socks below are from Soxy, check them out!

Soxy and Men’s Cap Toe Oxfords

Guys need to learn their outfit revolves around socks. Get rid of your shitty white sweat socks, black dress socks or whatever you're sporting. This is where men's socks month club Soxy comes in. They will send you 5 pairs of incredible socks every month. You won't get the cap toe oxfords but who needs'em when your sock drawer is overflowing with goodness. Great socks will also help you land Tinder dates...

Wicked Blue Suede Men’s Shoes

Check out these blue suede men's dress shoes. It's Monday morning and what better way to start your week off than with some unique Soxy men's cocks and killer blue men's wingtips with detailed brogue. Can you see yourself pulling this glorious fun onto your feet? Sure would make your day much better!!!

Fly Men’s Socks

Guys sweat socks are for the gym. That is it. Nowhere else are you allowed to wearing shitty, ugly, stinking, stained white sweat socks. Period. Up your sock game and make your feet fly with some fabulous creations from Soxy. Shorts, socks and runners have never looked better. Check out asap and make your feet happy!

Get Your Zigzag On

Gentlemen you ready to get your zigzag on? More stylish men's socks are coming and you will never look back. These radical blue socks zig and zag creating serious elevator talk with the new lawyer on the 35th floor. The socks from Soxy and the brown men's dress shoes are also amazing! The ball hugging skinny cut pants? Well no so much.

Which Pair is Your Favorite?

How's your day going gentlemen? Check out this amazing men's socks from Soxy. Some great combinations below with some great shoes. Which is your favorite? I'm digging the brown wingtip oxfords with the teal socks. The yellow polka dot socks look good too! If you wanna up your socks game check out Soxy!

Its Soxy Time

Its almost 8pm gentlemen and most of you have probably had a few beers. Or a nice bourbon. Its the perfect time to up your socks game with men's sock club Soxy. Every month they send you five pairs. How awesome is that? Now just get yourself into a beer, bourbon, shoe and wine club. Then you'll be set!

The Best Sockgrams

Men's sock club Soxy has the best Instagram! Daily they share incredible photos featuring their fabulous socks and amazing men's dress shoes. Check out the snaps I'm loving below! How about those blue suede wingtips baby? Matched with bright red socks. Oh ya!!! For $45 a month Soxy will send five fabulous pairs of men's socks straight to your door. Check'em out.

Monday Morning Socks

The New England Patriots just won Super Bowl XLIX and I'm sure most of you enjoyed some tasty cocktails and too much shitty food. Brighten up your day tomorrow with some dapper men's socks from my favorite club Soxy! Sure the brown monkstraps are great but look at those gorgeous socks! Which pair would you choose? Good luck kickin your hangover tomorrow!

Hey I Like Your Socks

Thanks to Soxy men around the globe are about to hear a lot more about their socks! Soxy is club that delivers 5 pairs of kickass, stlyish men's socks right to your door every month. Say good buy to your stinky tube socks and crusty old dress socks for good and let Soxy wrap your feet in butter. Take a look at some sample socks from their Instagram feed. I love the polka dot socks paired with brown leather dress oxfords. Interested? Learn more at