Stylish, Dapper Man Wearing Very Tight Skinny Jeans and Loafers.

Are Skinny Jeans for Men Still in Style?

The world of men's fashion is ever-evolving, with style trends coming and going faster than you can say "SKINNY JEANS!" 👖 For years, skinny jeans were all the rage, with men of all ages embracing this trend. But as fashion is a cyclical beast, one question lingers: Are skinny jeans for men still in style? Read more...
Men's Dark Denim Jeans for Stylish Casual Office Look

Best Wash Color Denim Jeans, Stylish Casual Office Look

Denim jeans are a staple in any man's wardrobe, but finding the right pair for a casual office look can be a challenge. The good news is that with so many different washes and shades available, there's a pair of denim jeans out there for every personal style and office dress code. One of the best color choices for a casual office look is a dark wash, mid-blue denim. This shade provides a sleek and polished look that can easily be dressed up or down, making it the perfect choice for a day in the office. Read more...
Bonobos selvage stretch men's jeans

Bonobos Selvage Stretch Men’s Jeans

Time for new denim anyone? Check out these premium selvage stretch men's jeans from Bonobos. These babies are Made in America from only the finest Japanese denim. They feature 2% polyurethane that provides a hint of stretch for added comfort. Pictured below are the Resin Rinse jeans that we think is great. They are a little pricey at $228 but they are high quality selvage denim, that if cared for properly should last a lifetime. Of course the feature Bonobos signature curved waistband :)

Plaid, Denim and Suede

You can open your eyes now, Mensfash is still here!!! Happy 2017 y'all. We've been busy traveling and redesigning the website for the New Year. Going to really try and get the ball rolling. Hire some writers. Hammer social media. You get the gist. Was poking around Instagram and came across this awesome men's style grid. Some killer jeans, nice plaid shit, and MY favorite brown suede shoes. Great men's casual outfit here. I'd ditch the notebook however ;) Cheers and hope you're all doing well. Check back often, we're going to get the fire rolling.

Denim Science from Mott & Bow, Resin Application

Mott & Bow is one of the hottest new denim brands in the country. Their jeans are handcrafted from the finest denim fabrics from the best mills in the world. With their low overhead, internet only sales model Mott & Bow can offer premium grade men's jeans at a fair price. That's what Mensfash likes :) Watch the video below and check out how they apply resin to some of their jeans. It's pretty cool! Interested? Check out the men's jean selection at To watch the video please Read more...

Dark Rinse Denim, Plaid Flannel and Sneakers

Looking for a great fall happy hour outfit guys? Check out this men's fashion style grid featuring dark rinse denim, plaid flannel shirt and New Balance sneakers. What do ya think? I like the casual great henley undershirt too. You can shop this look on Pinterest just like I did :) Not a huge fan of the watch...but if you are, go for it! Have a great weekend gentlemen, top a couple dozen cocktails down and have some fun. Cheers

The Blue Jean…from Bonobos

Spring is in the air and "The Blue Jean" from Bonobos is finally here! Crafted from high quality American Cone Denim these are the perfect casual men's jeans. They feature Bonobos unique curved waistband and a hint of stretch that make these the most comfortable jeans you will ever buy. They are available in four cuts; tailored, straight, slim and boot. Great shades too: dark rinse, medium wash, light wash, bleach wash, white and resin dark wash. $118-$128 a pair. Free shipping both ways.

Bonobos Men’s Travel Jeans

Guys listen to me, if you're looking for comfortable jeans for casual days that look great...check out Bonobos travel jeans. They are crafted from American milled Cone Denim with a hint of stretch for comfort. Trust me guys, you will not be disappointed! You can sit in a bar stool ALL DAY in these jeans. PLUS the are Made in America and feature Bonobos exclusive curved waistline that makes'em fit like a glove. They are available in 11 colors and 4 fits: tailored, slim, straight and boot cut. $100 a pair plus FREE shipping both ways. Check them out!

Denim from Joe’s Jeans on sale now

Winter is in full swing boys and girls. For a vast majority of you its very sun, its cold, rain and snow are in the forecast. Well...brighten up your day with a huge Joe's Jeans Gilt sale on all their fantastic denim. Jean jackets, pants, shirts and more. Perfect time to grab some jeans at great prices. Oh and guys...enough of the hipster bullshit, jeans are not yoga pants.

Joe’s Jeans

Joe's Jeans was created in 2001 in Los Angeles, California. Yes by a gentlemen named Joe. They have been producing classic, premium men's denim jeans, jackets and other menswear ever since. Currently there is a massive Joe's Jeans sale going on at GILT. Average savings is about 50% and the sale lasts another 3 days. Check out their awesome jean jacket below. Comfortable, stylish jeans in numerous cuts available too!

Raw Selvedge Denim from Italy

Everyday I fall a little bit more in love with Gustin. I just came across their Italy Pure Blue men's jeans and wow! Crafted from raw selvedge denim from one of the finest mills in Italy these are premium men's denim jeans at a Levi's price, $95. They are available in straight, slim and skinny cuts. This Gustin project is 95% funded and will ship December 2015. Claim yours today at

Raw Selvedge Cone Denim from Gustin

Y'all ready for a killer deal on some raw selvedge denim jeans made in the USA from Cone Mills? Brought to you by crowdsourcing men's fashion giant Gustin these jeans are only $79. Same quality sells at phony hipster boutiques for well over $200. Don't fall for that ripoff. The selvedge denim is 14 ounces and raw. They are built to last and will age well. Both straight and slim fit available. Learn more at

Men’s Selvedge Denim

Time to get rid of those cheap jeans gentlemen and pick up some premium quality men's selvedge denim jeans. You can grab some at Bobobos, Naked, wherever. I enjoy supporting Gustin for all my selvedge denim needs. Cool crowdsourcing model that keeps costs down without sacrificing quality. At any given time they have numerous selvedge projects going. It's time to up your jean game boys.

Check out Joe’s Jeans at Gilt

Its just another normal Tuesday at Gilt Man the perfect day to pick up some high quality denim from Joe's Jeans. Gilt currently has 15 different styles and colors priced at $99. This is about half off Joe's Jeans for you bargain hunters! I'm digging the dark rinse selvage denim that looks great and will age very well.

New Bonobos Travel Jeans

Travel a lot and looking for comfortable jeans that look great? Check out travel jeans from Bonobos! They are lighter jeans crafted from American milled Cone Denim and a hint of stretch for comfort. How about that? They even feature a curved waist for ultimate comfort. They are available in 10 amazing colors and priced at $98. Check'em out!

Red Selvage Japanese Denim

Gustin just launched another amazing crowdfunding project for some gorgeous red selvage Japanese denim jeans. The color is amazing and this red denim is incredibly scarce. Once 100% funded people that participated will be sent one of the most amazing and unique pairs of men's jeans you will ever own. Check out the photos!  They're $130, a great price for quality Japanese selvage denim!

Dark Rinse Denim

Quality dark rinse denim jeans will make you look like a million bucks! From brands like Naked & Famous, Bonobos, 7 of All Mankind, G-Star, Baldwin and money others you can currently save BIG on quality dark rinse denim at GILT MAN. Below are some sample photos of my favorite pairs. Guys that prefer nut huggers don't worry there are plenty of skinny jeans options too!

Gustin Postal Herringbone Denim

Gustin is a new upstart that designs boutique quality handmade menswear that uses crowdsourcing to deliver successful projects to backers. It is actually an incredible idea. If the community likes a pair of jeans and fully backs the project the jeans will be delivered to all backers. How cool? Check out project #179 Postal Herringbone men's denim jeans. They look gorgeous crafted from sanforized raw selvedge denim from one of the finest mills in Italy. At any given time they have about 20 menswear projects active. Ranging from men's jeans, chinos, shirts, tees, belts and more! Check'em out

Bonobos Slim Tailored Travel Jeans

Looking for a comfortable pair of jeans? Look no further than Travel Jeans from Bonobos. These babies are crafted from 10.5 oz White Oak Cone Denim with a hint of stretch for maximum comfort. Bonobos travel jeans are available in a rainbow of stylish colors and any cut you need: straight leg, slim straight and slim tailored. I personally own a few pairs and have a hard time not wearing them everywhere! Super comfortable with a hint of stretch :D