Iron & Resin Hats

Really digging these men's hats (probably unisex) from Iron & Resin a small company based in Southern California. They sell a lot of different stuff from men's clothing and apparel to kitchenware. Touch of Modern is currently have a quick flash sale on their cool hats. Check them out!
rag and bone Herringbone Baseball Cap

Rag & Bone Herringbone Baseball Cap

Quick little Saturday morning men's fashion post here. Check out this Rag & Bone Herringbone Baseball Cap. Price is a little steep at $125 but it's very cool. The cap is fitted with a short, fashionable brim. I found it at Nordstrom but a quick Google search reveals you can buy it just about anywhere. The soft herringbone fabric is world class!
bailey of hollywood hats

Bailey of Hollywood – American Made Hats

Bailey is a true American hat company. Simply iconic their Bailey of Hollywood line consists of some of the finest American made hats at affordable prices you'll find anywhere. From top hats to fedoras to caps and knits Bailey has it all, even a western line of cowboy hats! Mensfash considers buying American very important and Bailey's is a great place to start. Remember, a quality hat lasts a lifetime.