Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Classics, High-End, Low Maintenance

The Bonobos Layer Shop is the perfect spot for guys to grab cashmere cotton sweaters, half-zips, flannels, jackets and more for stylish winter layering. Bonobos machine washable cashmere cotton sweaters are super popular right now. You will even find some fun animal prints from their critters collection. Look great, stay warm, and no dry cleaning required 😀

Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Sweaters, High-End, Low Maintenance.

Bonobos Washable Cotton Cashmere Half-Zip – $129

Luxurious & breathable. A transitional, sophisticated pullover.

Bonobos Washable Cotton Cashmere Half-Zip

Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Golf Sweater – $139

Cotton cashmere to keep you comfortable, classic Fair Isle golf pattern to keep you stylish.

Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Golf Sweater

Bonobos Cashmere Beanie – $85

100% cashmere for an ultra-luxurious way to finish off a cold-weather outfit.

Bonobos Cashmere Beanie

Learn More About Bonobos?

Bonobos is a men’s clothing brand that was founded in 2007 by Brian Spaly and Andy Dunn. The company initially gained popularity for its well-fitted men’s pants, with an emphasis on providing a better fit for different body types. Bonobos has since expanded its product range to include a variety of men’s apparel, including shirts, sweaters, suits, outerwear, and accessories. Browse our favorite Bonobos pants, shirts, sweaters, etc 😀

Key features and aspects of Bonobos include:

  1. Better-Fitting Pants: Bonobos started by focusing on creating better-fitting pants, addressing fit issues that many men commonly face. They offer a range of fits and sizes to cater to diverse body shapes.
  2. Online Retail Model: Initially, Bonobos gained attention for its online-only retail model. While they have expanded to have some physical Guideshop locations where customers can try on clothing before ordering online, the brand primarily operates through e-commerce.
  3. Innovative Design: Bonobos is known for its innovative designs and attention to detail in its clothing. They often incorporate unique patterns, colors, and fabrics into their collections.
  4. Customer Service: Bonobos has a strong focus on customer service. Their Guideshop locations provide personalized assistance, and the brand is known for its excellent customer support.
  5. Acquisition by Walmart: In 2017, Walmart acquired Bonobos as part of its strategy to expand into the online apparel market. Despite the acquisition, Bonobos has maintained its distinct brand identity.

For the most current Bonobos men’s fashion offerings and detailed information visit the official Bonobos website or contact their customer service directly.