The Colours of SS13

As trends change, so do the palettes. This spring/summer the colours of menswear take soothing neutral, monochrome and pastel shades, and stimulate them with bright vibrant colours and exciting patterns.



blue jeans

This year’s biggest colour trend is, thankfully, a wardrobe staple for most men. This also means that another wardrobe staple should be pulled out often – the classic blue jean. Remember, the most important thing to get right with jeans is the fit; as rules of thumb, short men should avoid anything with a low crotch, and tall or wide men should make sure they select jeans made specifically for them. With so many specialists selling taller gents’ jeans online now there’s no excuse for ill-fitting denim.



Taking influence from the womenswear catwalks, pastel colours have made a definite entrance into the menswear scene. Soft shades work for even the most fashion-shy men; blush pink, light blues, faded yellows and lilacs are colours to embrace.  Invest in a couple of staple pastel pieces and wear them with your current looks to add an on-trend hint of colour that’ll look fantastic when the sun finally starts shining.



Punchy neon colours have made a controversial step into the spotlight this season. It takes confidence to pull off large chunks of neon in your outfit, but if you have the right attitude then go for it. Otherwise, aim for subtle accents such as neon-soled shoes or an electric hue backpack. Remember to use contrast to your advantage with neons, combining them with muted tones or plain jeans for a spark of vibrancy in your outfit.



Orange is firmly on-trend this season, which is good news. It’s very versatile, cheers you up and exudes a playful and creative personality. As with neon colours, use orange sensibly; for the less bold and brash amongst us then orange hues look best infused into an otherwise monochrome outfit.



Camouflage print is still very much the trend of the season; however the prints are getting darker, more faded and much more subtle. This is ideal for those who were tempted to experiment with the print over the last year but prefer a simpler style.

Wear the classic military print with bursts of bright colours, the aforementioned orange works well here. You could also use subtle splashes of camouflage print to add an effortless sense of style to your formal outfit – think camo pocket squares or laptop cases.