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Paul Parkman Handmade Dress Shoes

Touch of Modern is currently having an amazing flash sale on Paul Parkman men's handmade dress shoes. From a true artisan cobbler that crafts luxury men's shoes with an incredible level of quality, exclusivity and attention to detail. Paul Parkman chooses fine materials and high quality leather himself before the dress shoes are handcrafted and painted in limited numbers. As you can see below there are many styles to choose from and Touch of Modern currently is offering 24. These handmade men's dress shoes are stylish, unique and high quality at a semi affordable price. Visit Touch of Modern to browse Paul Parkman shoes.
clae winston kiltie loafer

Clae Winston Kiltie Loafer

Sometimes a stylish man just needs to stand out and you will with these Winston Kiltie loafers from Clae. Pictured are the carmel colored loafers with bright yellow sole. I invision wearing these babies with shorts and a polished tee. They feature a leather upper with kiltie and lace closure. Priced at $69 they are also a wicked deal! Cheers and Happy Summer!
blue summer mens loafers

Men’s Summer Loafers

It's summer time guys and there is no more versatile men's shoe than LOAFERS! You can wear them with shorts of prep them up with light colored pants and a polo for special events. Every stylish man should own a few pairs of loafers in different colors and styles. Leather men's loafers are awesome but don't over look suede and canvas. Below are photos of three pairs that would look great this summer!
red suede mens loafers

Red Suede Men’s Loafers

Damn guys when I first saw these I just had to have them! A bright red suede men's loafer from heaven! I have no idea what the brand is currently but I am on a mission to find out! Looks like the guy is wearing a nice pair of washed chinos with these men's loafers and it works perfectly. The brown leather laces is perfect too, it provides just the right contrast! Help me find these!
men's summer outfit

Funky Men’s Summer Outfit

Guys check out this funky men's summer outfit! I love the distressed brown men's loafers but the shorts? Would you wear men's boat themed shorts like this with little ship wheels and anchors on them? I guess they would by kinda fun for sipping wine at the yacht club. Not much else though...
sperry top siders

Sperry Top Siders

Here's a pretty cool photo of Sperry Top Siders. A great men's loafer that is perfect for numerous occasions. Wear then with shorts, jeans or washed chinos. Cant' say I'm a huge fan of the plain brown leather but the Top Sider comes in numerous color and fabric options!
cool summer look for guys

Cool Summer Look for Guys

It's time to get ready for summer guys! Here is a great summer look that will also keep you cool! Colorful spring color men's pants with slip on shoes. You can find pants just like this at Bonobos. I really like the colors on the left. Great boots too!
bust out these men's loafers

Bust Out these Men’s Loafers

Happy Friday men's fashion and style afficianados! It's that time to bust out these men's loafers and kick back a few beers. Not a care in the World as you put your feet up and swill a few high gravity cold ones. Don't waste your time pressing a dress shirt just toss on these loafers, jeans and a tee! Cheers
Billy Reid Suede Driving Loafer

Billy Reid Suede Driving Loafer

Not a huge fan of driving shoes but these Billy Reid Suede driving loafers would be great for summer Sunday Fundays. Toss on some shorts, a polo and these babies and hit the tavern in style. Kick back and enjoy a few mimosas before pounding a few rounds to 2 for 1 beers. Loafers are definitely better than flip flops guys!

Guide to Men’s Shoes

Guys you ever have trouble choosing the right footwear for different outfits and occasions? Well you're in luck here is a complete and amazing guide to men's shoes. From when to wear men's dress shoes, to casual shoes, boots and athletic shoes this guide has it all! At the bottom it even has a section on choosing the right color shoes and how to pick the best socks! Can you say amazing? I printed this men's shoe guide out and pinned it in my closet!
Nice Leather men's loafers

Cool Men’s Loafers

I've always been a loafer kinda guy. Nothing beats slipping on some cool men's loafers with a pair of jeans and a casual top. As you can imagine there are thousands of different loafers out there and in my opinion it really comes down to personal preference and style when picking one. I've included two photos below of loafers I like but plan on spending hours at Zappos trying to find your favorite!
crosby square loafers

Crosby Square Loafers

Here's a short Sunday post before football starts. Just found this awesome Crosby Square loafers at Gilt. My favorite, the dark grey are pictured below but they also come in brown and blue. They are a simple and high quality men's loafer that works well when paired with dark denim for a night on the town. Or Sunday football at the sports book!
mens summer deck shoes

Men’s Summer Deck Shoes

Yes, EVERY man needs a pair of slip on deck shoes for summer. These casual American summer staples are iconic in 90% of the country and they're perfect for bouncing around summer from the boat, to the course to drinking beer. They look absolutely great with jeans, golf pants or shorts. Can you say perfect laid back summer shoes? We can. Again Google is your friend, a simple search for men's deck shoes will return 1000s of moderate cost options. Also has a wicked selection!
Men's Is-Land Jumber Kenneth Cole Loafers

Purple Kenneth Cole Loafer

Kenneth Cole just released a basket of colorful men's loafers for spring. This Purple Is-Land Jumber Men's Loafer is our favorite. Perfect for barhopping around town and adding a little color to your life. Once broken in I"ve always found leather loafers like fit like a glove and are super comfortable. Also available in navy and taupe, available at for $138.
native shoes howard loafers

Native Shoes Howard Loafer, Waterproof Summer Shoes

During the summer I spend a lot of time on the water or at the beach. Finding stylish, fashionable shoes that are 100% waterproof has always been a pain in the ass until I discovered Native Shoes. All their shoes are animal free, waterproof, washable, shock absorbant and odor resistant! I personally picked up the Howard loafer formed in the style of deck shoes. They seriously kickass and make days on the boat or at the beach much more enjoyable! I got mine at