Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving you all from Mensfash! So far 2014 has been out best year with new readers interested in men's fashion and style finding us everyday! We hope you and your family have a fabulous and safe Holiday season! Enjoy the day and please don't get hurt in a Black Friday stampede! We all know it's much better to shop from home online! Cheers

Sweatpants Dress Pants

The title of this men's fashion update throw you for a loop? We don't blame ya but believe it or not from the team at Betabrand you can grab yourself a pair of men's dress pants made from soft French cotton terry cloth, or sweatpants fabric! These babies must be super comfortable and if you can get away with wearing them how awesome is that? They feature 2 front pockets and 2 in the rear. Straight leg and flat front. These dress pants sweatpants come in a nice variety of colors, patterns and textures. Visit Betabrand and browse their men's pants to find some you like!
how to fold a mens dress shirt

How to Fold or Roll a Dress Shirt

Sick of traveling across the country, getting into your hotel room and pulling out a wrinkled mess of a dress shirt? Well say goodbye to that crap and learn how to properly fold or roll a men's dress shirt. It is super easy save you a lot of time ironing. Which only means one thing...more time in the hotel bar and exploring the city!
beef cuts and cooking methods

Beef Cuts and Cooking Methods

EVERY man should know how to cook a great steak. I personally prefer a bone in rib eye steak seared and finished in the oven. This results in a tasty, juicy steak with a red center. The infographic below features all beef cuts and their recommended cooking methods. It is a great all around and quick resource for cook different cuts of beef. From roasts, ribs, steaks this infographic shows the best cooking methods!

Men’s Fashion on Pinterest

Millions of men and women browse Pinterest daily for men's fashion. Whether you're looking for new men's shoes, clothing our style ideas you will find it all on Pinterest. There are litterally millions upon millions of men's fashion pins that will give you some incredible men's style ideas. Of course Mensfash is on Pinterest and we are closing in on 2000 followers so if you're not already we would love it if you follow us!

Long Sleeve Polos

Fall is here, football is finally back and there is no better time to rock some long sleeve polo shirts. Grab a beer, enjoy a tailgate party and stay warm in crisp air while looking stylish. Long sleeve polos are perfect for these events. Below are the selection from Bonobos although a quick Google search will show you can buy these babies anywhere!
cole haan zerogrand no stitch blazer blue

Cole Haan ZeroGrand Blazer Blue

ZeroGrand is a new lightweight and flexible men's shoe from Cole Haan. These no stitch oxford shoes feature brogue detailing and the upper pieces are bonded using high frequency welding. This high tech process reduces the number of components that make up the shoe and its durability. Check out the Cole Haan ZeroGrand in Blazer Blue below. Pretty slick I say! Cool and stylish casual men's shoe that will look great with jeans or chinos!
How to Fold a Suit

How to Fold Men’s Suit Jacket

Most globetrotting men probably don't need to know how to fold a men's suit jacket but if you're anything like me you do. The infographic below shows how to perfectly fold a men's suit jacket, blazer or sports coat so when you hit the casino floor in Vegas after a 10 hour flight you're looking your best. Browse men's suits at Mensfash

USA vs Germany World Cup Soccer

It's almost 11AM and the USA vs Germany World Cup soccer game is almost under way. We got our stars and stripes on, beer on ice and we're ready to go. This sure isn't a men's fashion post but we hope most of you are cheering for the USA today so we wanted to give a shout out from Mensfash! GO USA! GO USA! Hope you all have a great time watching the soccer game!
men's blue suit dapper

Dapper Blue Men’s Suit

Damn I love this bright blue men's suit. Sure looks like high quality too! A slim fit 2 button jacket with flat front pants this guy knows hot to dress for success. Great choice of contrast color tie and puffed pocket square. What do you think guys could you pull off this dapper men's look?
Men's Fashion Clothing Fit Guide

Men’s Fashion Clothing Fit Guide

Guys check out this fabulous men's fashion clothing fit guide. Looking dapper and sharp is all about wearing clothing that fit PROPERLY! This fit guide illustration covers dress shirts, blazers and suit jackets, coats, pants, ties and shoes. Check it out it's very informative and pretty simple! Share it with your friends too!
bite the bullet necklace

Bite the Bullet Necklace

To be honest I have no idea why I am posting this but for some reason this men's necklace from All The Wire has caught my undivided attention. The Bite the Bullet necklace is handcrafted from a brass NATO round with copper tip. Fitted with a 30" chain this unique necklace will really turn some heads. It comes from a small shop so it can take up to 21 days to receive.
Tom Ford's 15 Things Every Man Should Have

Tom Ford’s 15 Things Every Man Should Have

Here is a quick simple list of Tom Ford's 15 Things Every Man Should Have. It's an interesting and complete list for men from the renowned fashion designer and filmmaker who knows a thing or two about men's fashion and style. Life in general too :) Check out the list... I'm sure some of you will disagree a bit but that's natural. So what do you think?
  1. A sense of humor.
  2. A daily read of newpaper.
  3. A sport that you love and are good at.
  4. Tweezers.
  5. A good cologne that becomes your signature.
  6. A well cut dark suit.
  7. A pair of classic black lace-up shoes.
  8. A smart blazer.
  9. The perfect pair of dark denim jeans.
  10. Lots of crisp white cotton shirts.
  11. Always new socks and underwear (throw away old ones every six months).
  12. A classic tuxedo.
  13. A beautiful day watch with metal band.
  14. The perfect sunglasses.
  15. Perfect teeth - if you don't have them, save up and have them fixed.
Perfect Man's Closet. Inspiration

Perfect Man’s Closet. Inspiration

This right here is the perfect man's closet. It's an inspiration to guys everywhere. Gorgeous weekend bag, books, shoes, sweaters, dress shirts, pants, blazers and more. All perfectly organized in a masculine way.
Zuriick Nico Boots

Zuriick Nico Boots

Frequent readers of Mensfash will know I'm extremely fond of Zuriick Shoes. A small outfit from Salt Lake City they make unique and stylish men's shoes that are affordable. Every time I wear a pair of Zuriick's I receive numerous compliments and these Zuriick Nico Boots will generate the same! A stylish black olive men's leather boot with leather sole and rubber heel these babies will keep you walking.
New Bonobos Men's Clothing for 2014

New Bonobos Men’s Clothing 2014

Bonobos just sent out an email showcasing their new men's clothing for 2014. The New Year brings a lot of new fabulous bright dress shirts in colors that pop and great plaid and gingham patterns. Bonobos didn't stop there, new colors for their famous washed chinos are here. New premium denim jeans, sweaters, suits, blazers, shorts and more. Have a great day everyone and enjoy checking out the new men's clothing from Bonobos!

Bonobos $25 OFF COUPON

My Ben Sherman Derby Shoes

My Ben Sherman Derby Shoes

A few weeks ago I posted on Mensfash about the Ben Sherman Derby oxfords on Gilt. Of course I ordered them! They're a unique shoe in an off grey color and navy contrast. The shape is perfect and the craftsmanship amazing for under $100! Got a lot of compliments the first night I wore them!
Mensfash now on Instagram

Mensfash on Instagram

Happy New Year everyone and fellow men's fashion buffs! With the New Year brings Mensfash on Instagram. Yes we know we're a few years late but hey we're here now! Please take the time to follow us. I (Hank) will be adding a lot of personal photos of things I'm wearing and buying. Thanks again!
80 percent off at gilt menswear

Gilt Menswear Sale. Up to 80% OFF

Gilt Man has launched it's Christmas sale offering up to 80% off tons of designer menswear. From men's dress shoes, dress shirts, watches, hats, scarves, ties and pocket squares Gilt has it all marked down to super low prices! Now is the time to take advantage of this incredible Gilt sale and fill your closet with designer men's clothes for a fraction of the retail price!

Shop Gilt Sale

Merry Christmas from Mensfash

Merry Christmas from Mensfash

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Mensfash! Sending cheer your way and hope you all have a fabulous day! Stay warm in your Holiday sweater and easy on the eggnog!