Red Selvage Japanese Denim

Gustin just launched another amazing crowdfunding project for some gorgeous red selvage Japanese denim jeans. The color is amazing and this red denim is incredibly scarce. Once 100% funded people that participated will be sent one of the most amazing and unique pairs of men's jeans you will ever own. Check out the photos!  They're $130, a great price for quality Japanese selvage denim!

Dark Rinse Denim

Quality dark rinse denim jeans will make you look like a million bucks! From brands like Naked & Famous, Bonobos, 7 of All Mankind, G-Star, Baldwin and money others you can currently save BIG on quality dark rinse denim at GILT MAN. Below are some sample photos of my favorite pairs. Guys that prefer nut huggers don't worry there are plenty of skinny jeans options too!

Quality + Affordable Menswear. Finally!

I've discussed Combatant Gentlemen in the past and I in fact own one of their men's suits. I love it and it was only $210. I recently stumbled upon a great article from Business Insider covering the history of the menswear company and it's founder. Great read and you'll quickly realize their suits, shirts and other menswear is quality stuff from a vertically integrated men's fashion start up! Not to mention their founder is a 3rd generation Versace tailor!

Gustin Postal Herringbone Denim

Gustin is a new upstart that designs boutique quality handmade menswear that uses crowdsourcing to deliver successful projects to backers. It is actually an incredible idea. If the community likes a pair of jeans and fully backs the project the jeans will be delivered to all backers. How cool? Check out project #179 Postal Herringbone men's denim jeans. They look gorgeous crafted from sanforized raw selvedge denim from one of the finest mills in Italy. At any given time they have about 20 menswear projects active. Ranging from men's jeans, chinos, shirts, tees, belts and more! Check'em out

Premium Men’s Sweatpants

As part of their limited edition pants line Bonobos just released some premium men's sweatpants made of 100% French terry fabric. This shit is plush and extra soft. They are tailored to look great and meant to be worn outside your home! Think casual canvas sneakers and a sport coat with sweatpants kinda day. They are a little pricey for sweatpants at $98 bucks but they are super high quality, look great and you can wash them in cold water!

Washed Chinos New Colors

It's 2015 and spring is almost here! The perfect time for Bonobos to release new colors of their world famous men's washed chinos. Congo green, reddrum and others these cute things are limited edition so once they are gone they are gone! Don't forget these are the best fitting men's chinos on the planet and will make you look like a god!

Print Men’s Chinos

Founded on better fitting pants Bonobos is the undisputed champion of men's washed chinos. They have a huge selection in numerous cuts but if you're looking to stand out check the Crown Prints floral men's chino! Blue with a Maui print toss a blazer on and some white shoes. You will be turning heads all over town and be a sure hit at the tavern!

Bonobos Corduroy Pants

This years Bonobos men's corduroy pants are finally here! The French Corders are crafted in America from fine corduroy milled in France. They contain a hint of stretch for a super comfortable perfect fit! These rockstar men's pants are perfect for fall and available in a variety of colors. Straight cut, slim straight and slim tailored cuts. Check em out!!!

Bonobos Slim Tailored Travel Jeans

Looking for a comfortable pair of jeans? Look no further than Travel Jeans from Bonobos. These babies are crafted from 10.5 oz White Oak Cone Denim with a hint of stretch for maximum comfort. Bonobos travel jeans are available in a rainbow of stylish colors and any cut you need: straight leg, slim straight and slim tailored. I personally own a few pairs and have a hard time not wearing them everywhere!
mens paisley pants

Men’s Paisley Pants

Yes these men's paisley pants are AMAZING. I just did a Google search and found some simliar to buy. The dapper man in this photo wears paisley well and he caps it off well with some stylish loafers and a navy blazer. Love the simple white dress shirt too!
bonobos no liner chinos

Bonobos No-Liner Chinos

Bonobos men's washed chinos are classic and they have always come with signature pocket liners that jacked up the look a little. Today, after some feedback from guys just like you they have released the same chinos without contrast pocket liners. Maybe a little more professional they are available now in all your favorite colors.
Garment Dyed Men's Chinos Pants from Bonobos

Garment Dyed Chinos from Bonobos

Check out these garment dyed men's chinos from Bonobos. A fabulous and casual pant that feel and fit great these chinos are perfect for weekend relaxing. They feature a soft broken in feel and famous Bonobos styling that fit great. They're available in a variety of cuts and colors. Check them out at Bonobos!!!
bonobos oxleys oxford pants

$20 Off Bonobos Oxleys Oxford Pants

Announced on Facebook Bonobos is currently offering $20 off their amazing and comfortable Oxley men's oxford pants. The perfect summer pants to keep you cool they're regularly priced at $98 but today you can get them for $78. Talk about a sweet summer deal on some amazing oxford pants! Check out the Bonobos Facebook page for the coupon code!
raw versus selvedge denim

Raw vs Selvedge Denim

Do you know the difference between raw and selvedge denim? Well truth is most men don't and this incredible article from The Art of Manliness will explain it all. I personally made the switch to selvedge a few years and can't imagine switching back. Selvedge denim jeans are unwashed with allows you to breaking them in and make them unique! Click the link above and, read it and buy a pair!
hudson field camo jeans

Hudson Camo Men’s Jeans

I personally am not a huge camo fan but fact is it's very popular right now across men's and women's fashion. Here are some sweet Hudson camo men's jeans if you like this sort of thing. Pictured below are a slim cut pair since I figure most guys wearing camo like their pants tight. I could be wrong though...
bonobos floral print washed chinos

Men’s Floral Print Washed Chinos

Check out these wild men's floral print washed chinos from Bonobos! I visit their site countless times daily exploring their incredible men's clothing line but just came across these today! The Floral Crown Prints are the same fabulous washed chinos with a distinguished pattern that will generate some attention!!! Would look great with a blazer don't ya think?

Bonobos Summer Weight Chinos

In our never ending quest to prepare you guys for summer check out these awesome Bonobos summer weight men's chinos. A lighter fabric that's cool and breathable they're the perfect pants for men looking to brave the summer heat while staying dapper and stylish. Summer is no time to ditch fashionable clothes and babies fit like all other Bonobos men's pants, PERFECT! Available in a wide variety of colorful fun!
cool summer look for guys

Cool Summer Look for Guys

It's time to get ready for summer guys! Here is a great summer look that will also keep you cool! Colorful spring color men's pants with slip on shoes. You can find pants just like this at Bonobos. I really like the colors on the left. Great boots too!
hudson byron straight leg mens jeans

Hudson Byron Straight Jeans

Love the color of these medium blue Hudson Byron men's straight jeans. Priced at $99 at Gilt that is 50% off retail. They feature contrast stitching, coin pocket and button fly. There are 6 different washed available in the Hudson Byron jean at Gilt but these are by far my favorite. Also available in slim cut for you wannabe hipsters out there.
Hudson Barrow men's denim jeans

Hudson Barrow Jeans

Guys (or girls buying for their guys) check out these awesome Hudson men's denim jeans! A cool brown resin color with slick contrast fading down the thigh extending just below the knee. The Hudson Barrow jean is currently on sale for $99 at Gilt and trust us you will not find them cheaper anywhere else! Almost all sizes are currently available so guys jump on these killer men's jeans.