Trendy Men’s Sunglasses

The guys at Business Insider just published an amazing trendy men's sunglasses infographic that should get y'all on the right track to find the perfect pair for you. I'm a wayfarer guy but damn those clubmasters look great. If your looking for a new pair of sunglasses I'd check out Warby Parker, they have all the trendy shapes on hand. Plus they're priced at $95 a pair for quality, polarized sunglasses! Pair your new shades with a classy Daniel Wellington watch and you'll be doing well.

Samuel L. Jackson lookin dapper!!!

Look how amazing and dapper Mr Samuel L. Jackson looks in this fabulous photo!!! His suit is top notch and just dig his knit tie. Great looking fabrics and texture all around. Bravo Mr Jackson and thanks a million for Pulp Fiction! Great eyeglasses too sir.

Layering – Sweater, Gingham + Knit Tie

What a fabulous picture showing the correct way men should layer. A preppy professor wearing a grey cashmere quarter zip sweater, with blue gingham shirt and knit tie. Bet his colleagues think he's cute :) This right here is the picture of a dapper modern gentleman, not some phony hipster. Have a great day y'all.

Dapper Navy Men’s Suit

This dapper gentlemen must strut his stuff hard around town. Sporting a tight, tailored navy men's suit with all the right accessories the steak house better look out for him. A crisp white shirt, maroon polka dot tie and contrast pocket square could you pull this off? I know my wallet couldn't.

Every Dapper Man Should Have a Pair

Most males 25+ this day and age are slobs. In fact they are boys who wear sweatshirts and sneakers daily. They are not men. Would you like to be a man? A dapper man? Buy yourself a pair of suede wingtips. Wear them with salvage denim or some slick dress pants. You will be on your way! It's Friday gentlemen, the sun is out and the weekend is here. Get out and live a little!

How Men’s Clothes Should Fit

Guys please listen, it is all about the fit. Buying clothing that firs properly will make you look exponentially better and much more dapper. Here is a nice outline on how differnt types of men's clothes should fit. Dress shirts, chinos, suits, jeans and more. It's simply with some nice illistrations. Take a look at it here now!

Great Winter Look

Stressing over what to wear to that dreaded Holiday party? Don't sweat it guys! If you don't wanna be that guy wearing a loud Seasonal pattern suit or sweater dress like this guy! Great textures, colors and patterns with a contrast pocket square that makes it all pop! Tweed and wool are great fabrics for winter!

Fall Men’s Style Guide

I just found this comprehensive fall men's style guide. From tweed to denim, wool and flannel stay warm while looking great this fall. Layer a cardigan over a nice dress shirt and catch a college football game. Don't forget a puffy down jacket and a warm beanie either! Maybe with a pom ball?

Twill Blazer + Cardigan + Boots

Men's fashion lovers I love this look! A twill men's blazer layered over a blue cardigan and white dress sport shirt. Topped off with gorgeous brown leather chelsea slip on boots. Perfect outfit for running around in fall or winter. What do you think? Would you wear it? Bet the ladies like it!

Wingtip Boots + Cuffed Jeans

This look won't work for everyone but half laced up wingtip boots with cuffed denim jeans looks great if you can pull it off. Maybe a little facial hair and a simple t-shirt. Oh and don't forget a big leather bracelet or other accessory. Found the photo and Pinteret and just wanted to share the look. Hope your Tuesday is going well!

Guys Dress to Impress

Okay guys you're over 30 so it's time to dress to impress. Look your best during all occasions.
  • Business Look
  • Modern Look
  • Casual Look
  • Vintage Look
  • Active Look

How to Dress Like a Man

Guys here is another straight up infographic on how to dress like a man titled "Wear this NOT that". From t-shirts, to men's polos, dress shirts, jeans and more this straight forward graphic explains clearly how not to dress like a bro douche. Maybe a little harsh for some but this thing is spot on!
timeless mens style fashion paul newman

Timeless Men’s Style, Paul Newman

Iconic actor Paul Newman is a men's style and fashion icon. A simple Google search will return thousands of amazing photos of Paul Newman wearing cut, tailored men's suits and more. Mr Newman could wear a pair of denim jeans and a tee better than anyone. Do a quick search and check out his timeless style!
untucked men's shirt length

Proper Men’s Shirt Length

An untucked men's sport shirt is a stylish and casual look for a night on the town. The key to this look is wearing the proper shirt length. Too often I see men with their untucked shirt at their knees...or even worse their belly showing! The image below shows the optimal men's shirt length for a dapper look. Basically you want your shirt to fall around the bottom one third of your fly!

Dapper Men’s Look, Fake Hand

Browsing dapper men's fashion looks this morning I came across this gem...with a funny fake hand. Tailored men's blazer with no iron white dress shit and straight blue power tie. Almost looks like a wool blazer. Does the ghostly mannequin with an awkward outstretched hand creep you out?
How to Look Dapper in the Modern Age

How to Dress Dapper in the Modern Age

Guys here is another fabulous and comprehensive men's fashion guide on how to dress dapper in the modern age. It's a men's suit guide covering fabrics, patterns, ties, pocket squares and shoes. This complete guide explains how to pair them all, wear them correctly and look dapper! Can you say MAN MEN!
printed dress shirt great shoes and pocket square

Printed Dress Shorts and Distressed Shoes

Gentlemen here is another great look for guys! A cool men's printed dress shirt, slacks and nice dark brown distressed oxfords. Like the little details like watch and bracelet that pair well with the outfit too!