Hey I Like Your Socks

Thanks to Soxy men around the globe are about to hear a lot more about their socks! Soxy is club that delivers 5 pairs of kickass, stlyish men's socks right to your door every month. Say good buy to your stinky tube socks and crusty old dress socks for good and let Soxy wrap your feet in butter. Take a look at some sample socks from their Instagram feed. I love the polka dot socks paired with brown leather dress oxfords. Interested? Learn more at Soxy.com

Ben Sherman Shoes + Socks

Just received a great shipment from GILT. Slick casual men's shoes from Ben Sherman and some comfortable warm socks. Great pricing on quality men's clothing, shoes and accessories. The shoes are cool, stylish yet casual with a wingtip and wool design. What's you all cooking for Thanksgiving?

Fabulous Men’s Socks

Socks are the most important part of your outfit! Problem is all too often stylish, quality men's socks are a rip off. Who with a brain would pay $25-$40 for a pair of socks? Thanks to our friends at the tie bar this is no longer the case. They have a massive selection of men's socks in damn near all colors and patterns you can imagine. And...they are priced at $8 a pair! Need I say more? Check them out!

Stylish Men’s Socks

I post stylish men's socks almost weekly and I can't stress enough how important a man's socks are when wearing pants. Don't care if you're sporting jeans, chinos or dress slacks a stylish pair of unique socks will keep the dapper look flowing. Sock guys what do you think? Tweet us some photos!
Men's Happy Socks at Gilt

Amazing Men’s Happy Socks

Before you kick off your Sunday Funday check out these colorful and amazing men's Happy Socks at Gilt. 22 amazing collections and designs filled with every color and pattern imaginable. Happy Socks even has ankle socks! A couple three packs of these and you will have the coolest socks on the block! Frequent readers of our men's fashion blog know we LOVE Happy Socks and suggest to our readers to keep their feet wrapped in hotness and these are just it! On sale now at GILT.com
it's all about the socks

It’s All About Men’s Socks

Here at Mensfash we stress every week it's all about men's socks! Nothing impresses a girl more than kicking off your shoes and exposing gorgeous and colorful socks. I take pride in wearing Happy Socks everyday and people notice! White socks are for the gym and THAT IS IT. Guys if you wear white socks anywhere but the gym you're a failure! And you make us all look bad!

Guide to Men’s Shoes

Guys you ever have trouble choosing the right footwear for different outfits and occasions? Well you're in luck here is a complete and amazing guide to men's shoes. From when to wear men's dress shoes, to casual shoes, boots and athletic shoes this guide has it all! At the bottom it even has a section on choosing the right color shoes and how to pick the best socks! Can you say amazing? I printed this men's shoe guide out and pinned it in my closet!
pink and grey striped socks

Pink and Grey Striped Socks

Nice color pairing here guys. Pink and grey striped socks with nice lush brown shoes and I believe a pair of men's chinos. Not 100% sure on the pants but over all the colors look and work great together! Again it's all about the small details...and your socks!
statement socks from robert graham

Statement Socks from Robert Graham

I've said it time and time again a man's socks make the outfit! If you're looking to round out your look and prance like a stallion check out these Statement Socks from Robert Graham. Available in an endless selection of colors and patterns your feet have never looked so sexy! Ditch the tube socks guys and buy about 10 pairs of these! On sale now at GILT.com
sebago wingtips and cool socks

Sebago Wingtips and Great Socks

Just love this photo and look too! Guy is wearing amazing Sebago wingtips with funky striped socks that make the outfit! I also love the military green contrast on the shoes. Not sure if that's canvas or suede but it looks fantastic. Might just have to pick me up a pair of Sebago men's shoes! How about you guys would you wear this look?
allen edmonds wingtip brogues striped socks

Allen Edmonds Wingtip Brogues w/ Striped Socks

It's men's fashion Friday guys so check out this dapper shoe, sock and denim combination. Brown Allen Edmonds wingtip brogues paired with striped socks and dark premium denim jeans. Of course I could do without the cuff but it exposes the gorgeous socks so it's cool. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the Super Bowl. Dress for success and kick some cocktails back!
Men's Fashion and Style. Brogues and Socks

Men’s Fashion & Style. Brogues & Socks

Just love this men's fashion photo shoot picture I found online. Featuring gorgeous brogue men's dress shoes and colorful socks stylish men wear everything in this picture. Rock men's shoes and socks like below is dapper. Whether you're at work are beer night you will look great. Oh and chicks will dig you...
richer poorer socks for men

Richer Poorer Socks

Guys I just love socks! To me nothing is more unique than a man's socks and they have the ability to make a great outfit pop. I just came across these Richer Poorer Socks on Gilt and let me tell ya they are amazing. An endless combination of patterns and colors these men's socks will put an extra jump in your step. I love men's Happy Socks but these come in a close second!
brown wingtips, paisley socks and premium denim

Brown Wingtips, Paisley Socks and Premium Denim

Check out this great men's fashion look... Brown wingtips, loud paisley socks and premium men's denim jeans. As you can see from the photo below this is a fabulous casual look for countless occasions. Mensfash approved!!!
brighten your wardrobe with bonobos

Brighten Up with Bonobos

Bonobos has taken simple, stylish and affordable men's clothing, fashion and menswear to a new level. Gone are the days of shopping in depressing department stores filled with fashion deprived, commission hungry sales morons. Now thanks to Bonobos men can browse without pressure at hassle-free Guide Shops. The Bonobos experience is truly one of a kind. 365 days a year they offer FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS, hassle free returns and oh ya Bonobos Ninjas, a support staff prepared execute! Ok enough of the platitudes. Winter is over and spring is here! Its time to brighten up your wardrobe with Bonobos. They have tons of men's pants, jeans, shirts, sweaters, suits and more all in fabulous colors that will make you stand out. Don't be a sheep guys, separate from flock Bonobos style!

Colorful Men’s Socks

Socks are often the most overlooked part of most men's wardrobe. The correct socks, with the right color and pattern can add just the right pop to your outfit. Whether choosing loud and bright socks with blue jeans and deck shoes or the perfect pattern under a suit socks are a perfect opportunity to add some flair and personality. The men's socks below are just a small sampling of whats available out there so search far and let your imagination run. Socks below are available in packs of three for $29 at Gilt.com
Men's Happy Socks

Men’s Happy Socks

Finding good, unique, quality and stylish men's socks at affordable prices is always been a pain in the ass. Now thanks to Happy Socks men around the world can rejoice! Designed in Sweden and sold online guys can find tons of unique cool men's socks that will put the icing on the cake of any outfit. I know you're drooling right now, find yourself some Men's Happy Socks!


american made socks

Wigwam American Made Socks

Mensfash makes an extra effort to find, support and buy quality men's clothing that's Made in the USA. Wigwan is an American sock company that manufactures ALL its high quality socks in the USA. Wigwan also sources all its wool from American spinners who buy from American wool growers. Wigwan has an incredible men's sock product line that's super high quality and Made in the USA! Learn more about Wigwam American Made Socks!
betabrand mens striped socks

BetaBrand Men’s Striped Socks

mensfash loves quality and stylish men's socks. These BetaBrand striped men's socks will spice up any outfit from a dapper suit to your summer sneakers. Socks are often an overlooked part of men's fashion and style but can completely transform an outfit. Enjoy these babies...they might help get you some action!
kickass mens socks from zuriick

Kickass Men’s Socks from Zuriick

While doing the post on Zuriick shoes I came across their kickass men's socks. At $9 a pair they are pretty pricey but they will spice up your feet with cool socks bright colors poka-dots, stripes and the whole circus. View all Zuriick socks here...