billykirk bike messenger bag

BillyKirk Bike Messenger Bag

BillyKirk is an American leather and canvas design company that makes authentic luggage, bags, belts and other luggage goods built to last. All BillyKirk products are MADE IN USA. Their Bike Messenger Bag is a personal favorite and perfect commuter bag that comes in 9 different styles perfect for carting around your laptop, water bottles and other junk. BillyKirk Messenger Bags
rag & bone rowan boot Made in USA

Rag & Bone Rowan Boot, Made in USA

Inspired by American work boots these Rag & Bone Rowan Boots are not only stylish but they're Made in America! Created with cow leather and a Goodyear rubber sole this babies will set you back $370 but its a small price to pay to help create and save American jobs. Mensfash prides itself on finding quality stylish American made men's clothing, shoes, etc when possible and these Rowan Boots are no exception! Rag & Bone
american made socks

Wigwam American Made Socks

Mensfash makes an extra effort to find, support and buy quality men's clothing that's Made in the USA. Wigwan is an American sock company that manufactures ALL its high quality socks in the USA. Wigwan also sources all its wool from American spinners who buy from American wool growers. Wigwan has an incredible men's sock product line that's super high quality and Made in the USA! Learn more about Wigwam American Made Socks!
levi's made in usa jeans desert wind 511

Levi’s Made in the USA Jeans

Nothing is more iconic and all American than Levi's jeans. Now they're producing a fabulous collection thats 100% Made in the USA. About twice as pricey as regular Levi's but these jeans are Made in America and provide citizens with jobs domestically. I personally own 2 pairs of these Levi's and would suggest them to fellow patriots out their with a little extra cash. Levi's Made in USA Desert Wind 511 Jeans are below.

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bonobos mens jeans denim bottle rockets indigo rise

Bonobos Men’s Bottle Rockets Indigo Rise Denim

Just in time for Earth Day 2012 Bonobos Men's Bottle Rocket Indigo Rise Denim are here! An eco-friendly men's jean made from recycled cotton, polyester and PLASTIC BEER BOTTLES. Yes BEER BOTTLES, in fact every pair of Bonobos Bottle Rocket jeans contain 3-5 beer bottles, how kickass! Turns out these babies don't just look fabulous but they are good for the environment too! Sorry I we don't have time to fill you in on all the cool details, Learn more here: Bonobos Bottle Rocket men's jeans.