Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

Not many 18-30 year old people are smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes anymore, hell I can only think of a few in my social group. But I do see a lot of people out and about puffing on electronic vapor cigarettes. I personally tried Blu Cigs a few years ago and they tasted okay but the habit never stuck. Anyways electronic cigarettes are the perfect Christmas gift for smokers on your list. A lot of people are apprehensive about trying e-cigs so why not give tobacco users on your Christmas list an electronic cigarette starter kit and help them make the switch with the gift of vapor! At retailers such as Eversmoke Electronic Cigarettes starter kits range in price from $49 to $100+ and contain everything a new vaper needs to start using e-cigs. Just a thought. Happy Holidays everyone!

eversmoke electronic cigarettes

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes